Sunday, December 21, 2008

Asia Adult Expo

Well its been a while since I wrote. So busy and many things to do.

First off, let me congratulate someone in my business whom I totally respect and is a cool guy. The inventor of the We Vibe. This guy and I can't mention his name here, has gone a great job in production and marketing. My respect and congratulations go out to him. What a product and what marketing team he has. Keep up the good work and we look forward for product #2. Can't keep a good man down. He won't sit still on this one. I know him. Oh, and he is Canadian!!!

Anyway, yes, I just cam back from a show in Macau. Which is an hour from Hong Kong or two hours by bus from Shenzhen where I hang out.The show was great and Macau was a cool place. The Venetian was spectacular but empty when I got there. Brutally empty.

Sales are still strong going and now its Mid December. Aren't We Naughty is Rocking and we are up from last year. Not bad considering last year wasn't the greatest.

January 1, I'm off the China again to work with the factory and meeting some clients. Its exciting. The factory is busy and we are making some great product including the sold out Executive 5". We can't keep this product in stock. I new it from my you tube video when I only had my hand sample, a while ago that this would be a no-brainer. Its not an amazing toy like the We Vibe, but its Simply Perfect and Perfectly Simple.


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