Sunday, June 15, 2008

Time for Change

May was planning. June is change.

I changed our Director of Operations and the title. Now Aren't We Naughty has a new dynamic General Manager, Elisa Fidani.

Elisa loves our business and I've known Elisa for about 7 years off and on through a personal friend. I have followed her career and happened to ask my friend how she was doing in her latest position. The next thing I know, he set up and barbeque at his place where we chatted in private for a half an hour and one further dinner a week later and now as you know, Elisa is at the helm.

Elisa loves marketing and management and understands our business. She is passionate about the web, and the need for growth.

Elisa reports to me and has full control. Please welcome Elisa to Aren't We Naughty.