Sunday, January 04, 2009

China 2009, Happy New Year

Well I landed in Shanghai and needed my first night in China was great. My hotel was Hotel Skyway which just changed their name from Skyway Landis. Why I asked? The lady tells me it was too long and nobody could remember it. I agree.
As you can see by the photograph of my hotel room, the room is nice. Sure I had a much bigger room before but this room was sexy. Just take a good look at the photos and you’ll see what I mean. I mean if your blood is still moving in your body, you’ll see what I mean. The stress of the day was do I go to McDonald's’ for the cheapie breakfast or go for the gusto and do the outrageously expensive biggie in the hotel. Well I did the expensive one. Well worth it I must say. On the 49th floor and the view is nothing but spectacular. I simply love this place.
Last night I had my famous burger and this basement bar I found a couple of years ago. It was dead when I arrived. Soon 10 or 12 people came in all together, they are regulars. They were friendly and invited me over to say Happy New Year in Chinese as part of a Truth or Dare game they were all playing. I was too shy to get laughed at so I declined to say it, but said it in English. They were fun and so polite. I ended up playing golf with one guy on the Nintendo Wii system. Not much English spoken but I had fun.
After an hour I ventured to the Glamour Bar upstairs which also has a great night view of the river and some awesome advertising on the huge buildings across the river. This Glamour Bar is rally a nice spot and I found it doing some Shanghai nightlife searching on the Internet. Anyway, I run into a couple who speak perfect English. The guy is American and she is Dutch. Great couple who have been married for 20 years and we chatted for two hours. Soon its 1:30 and we all buzz off and I promise to call them next time and bring them a surprise… My pleasure, they were wonderful. One thing I learned from them was China is going green and they mean business and will be greener than us in 5 years. She is an Engineer; so I have to respect her words somewhat. So nice to hear amidst all the bad publicity China’s been getting over their pollution. Well it is bad, the place doesn’t seem overly polluted with industry, but when you look at the skyline from say the 49th floor, it is NEVER clear. Kind of sad and that’s when you love Canada.
So what a great night I had. Friendly people and so many speak English. How many of us can speak Chinese? Soon in China it will be the largest English speaking country in the World! Think about that for a while!

Christmas is alive and well here as you can see. This is in the Shanghai airport. This tree was so huge, I had to take a photo of it and show you its beauty.

Update: Now I’m in Shenzhen. The weather today will be 24, simply beautiful. It is now Monday morning, which means its Sunday night back home in Canada. Time to work and go over a few new products. Our factory is humming at full production; a good thing in this present economic situation. Not many people can say that.

Well, until next time!


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