Sunday, January 18, 2009

Final Days in China

OK here is a 600ml beer, double the size of our beer. Only $0.75 Canadian and at 7-Eleven Store....Do that math!!! I don't know about you, I don't find too many bargains at 7-Eleven.

Well my vacation, whoops my business dealings in China are almost done.

We have accomplished a lot. We have redesigned part of our bullet. We have wowed another customer at our factory, we are working on another major product. Once again we gave our employee appreciation awards to the top 20 most outstanding workers. They received cash in an envelope. Tonight is dinner and Happy New Year party of which I'm the Keynote speaker. Should be a blast. Talking about:

"Honesty and Trust = Success

There will be some serious drinking tonight so I must fasten my seat belt. These Chinese are not easy pickings in the beer department.

One more thing, I love how the Chinese carry stuff around. I saw one lady wow,(see photo) she was amazing. I couldn't keep up to her, she would put any UPS guy to shame. I followed her best I could. Then a few days later which is today, I'm walking back after a morning walk to my hotel and I see a lady carry two carts, yes two carts with 4 wheels each, one on each arm down the street. She saw my mouth drop open and as I walked past her. She actually smiled at me. I had a tear pop in my eye a minute later. Amazing how easy life is when you look around.

See you soon.


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