Saturday, February 28, 2009


Lately things have been nuts. With Valentines just over and AWN setting record sales its time now to reflect as to what is going on. Are we recession proof? Could be but its too early to tell, but early indications we are. Sales have been up in January and the first two three weeks in February are also up.

I just came back from two weeks in the Dominican republic. Playa Grande area. I love the golf course so much that I took a photo of a great beach and put it on google earth. I love that photo. Anyway, I'm off to Hong Kong and China again to work with more international customers and develop product. I'm really having fun. I love all my staff and we all work so well together both in China and in Canada.

While in China, I will be exhibiting though our China office at the Shanghai show. Then on the 23, I'm off to Australia to be in another show. Should be fun. At least the weather will be ok. Wish Aida could be with me. Thank God for Skype!!!!

Talk to you from China.

Hey, bundle up, its cold out there.



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