Sunday, March 01, 2009

Back in China

Finally back in what seems like my second home. This trip I will also be working on the Ultimate Personal Shaver in addition to the Power Bullet product line. This is my pride and job. It works so well. We will be redesigning the trimmer for a more modern look. this of course will take some time, but it will look better. The Ultimate Personal Shaver shaves like no other shaver. No nicks or cuts, razor burn, ugly red bumps, just beautiful smooth baby soft skin that you can help touching.

Aren't We Naughty continues to amaze. Sales are rocketing lately. We don't know what is going on either. I've never seen this in my 25 years in the business. Hope it continues.

The weather here is perfect, then its up to Toronto weather in Shanghai where I'm in another sex show. Should be fun. After is over I'm back in Southern China for some more work and then its off to Melbourne Australia on the 23. Kind of crazy. I'm not looking forward to driving in Australia. Its the opposite side to which I'm used to. Oh well, GPS will be my friend, I'm sure.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Steve,
Big fan of Aren't we Naughty.
Like you, I am a business owner. I manufacture personal care products which include sexual enhancement products. I have seen a few of my customers products in your Brampton Store. I live in Brampton.
I love you new persnal shaver, and was thinkig if you are ever interested in a private line of sex products, gels, lubs edibles etc or post sahve soothing lotions to compliment your shaver I would love to speak with you.

My company is Jacobi Cosmetic Manufacturing Inc.

located in Mississagua Ont.


keep up the great work!

Corie Begley-Parsons

12:25 PM  

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