Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Not to exciting in Melbourne but I'm not exactly there, I'm in Lorne two hours out in the country. Its Beautiful here but just not at this time of year. I'm supporting my distributor and I love doing that. Yesterday I watched Lawn Bowling. Its an honour to be here. Set up is tomorrow and its all a wrap on Sunday. I'll be showing why our Power Bullet Brand is the best in the land.

The factory was in full production making our Bullets. Our new offices for the domestic China market are going to be excellent and should be ready for my next visit in June when my Son will join me. Can't wait for that.

The Shanghai show was great. We learned alot about the domestic market. Here is why our PowerBullet is so good. This photo is my distribution company BMS showing our products in Shanghhai's Adult Care Show. Well I'm off to bed. Time to relax, finally. People say I'm losing weight, I've been eating too good. Maybe its the Chinese food! Anyway, Chat later...Steve


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