Sunday, March 08, 2009

Shanghai Show

Well the show is finished in Shanghai. During set up last Thursday it was cold so we all agreed to finish product set up in the morning when we have heat. The building was about 10c. Anyway, no heat the next day. She show was considerably smaller but we seemed to attract the smart buyers. Our Booty Beads were a hit once again. I feel its one of the most amazing designed product yet. So flexible for an anal toy that can also stimulate the clitoris too at the same time. Also it's design allows it to be cleaned under the tap as well since its totally waterproof. It is well received at every show we go to and of course will be a best seller at Aren't We Naughty.
So I just bought the most amazing camera. Last month my Samsung camera was taken from my bag, so it was time to buy new. I went to Hong Kong to buy a new Casio. I am so proud of it. It captures 30 frames per send in photo mode and in the movie mode it does up to 1000 frames a second for super slow mode. Trouble is I put it down on the counter during the show and it is now toast too...I mean GONE. Off to Hong Kong this Friday to buy another one. Hell maybe there will be a new model by then!!! I will buy two, one for a friend. Don't say it, I'm already pissed about it!!!

I'm writing this as I'm about to get into the shower and head off to the airport to fly south for a couple of hours back to Shenzhen. It will be 22c there today. Finally
some heat. See you in Shenzhen!


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