Friday, April 17, 2009

Las Vegas Lingerie Show

Well here I am again in beautiful Las Vegas.

LV is eat good and drink very well. Everyone eats too much in LV. However it is a spacial place. At this time if year, the weather is great. Its Friday and Vegas will be busy. There is some broadcasting conference this weekend so now I know why the weekend hotel rate was so high.

Saturday I will walk around this city as much as I can just to get some exercise. Grab the IPOD and away I go.

"Just In Time" is going to be here soon. We are very excited as this is just the being of such a product.

Hats off for Tracy who invented a great simple game for BMS. She is our resident inventor (or a sex maniac...) at BMS so far. Thanks to some powerful graphics from Alex's department, we have turned her idea into a real playable game that is in the testing stages now. I'm very excited for Tracy and hope this is a big winner for her. We will advise you later when the release date is. Way to go TRACY!

Keep you posted with some sexy photos (not of me) of some nice models in Lingerie next week.



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