Wednesday, May 13, 2009

London Calling (your wallet please)

This is a beautiful photo of my walk through Paddington Railway station. Anyway,I'm here in London, and my room per night is $350. all in - Canadian. Last night my room was $134.00 all in - Canadian as well, a little more respectable, but it was very small. The good part was it was clean. I was way outside London in a beautiful place called Bath to see a customer on our wholesale side. They were amazingly hospitable and friendly. I've made new friends. Oh for those who know me, breakfast was included in this little place, so you know I was cheerful. It was amazing. I will drink the milk in the UK. The only country where I will drink the milk. So I had cereal, eggs, chocolate roll. Its 11:40pm and I'm dreaming of breakfast.The good thing about that is you're motivated to jump out of bed everyday! When I was a kid I was so happy when my teacher said, "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!"

Here is a photo of my room at the $134.00. Mr. Spendy! Hey I took one for the team here. Who says I spend a lot on myself. Below are more photos of the room.
Back to London, I don't know how people live here and make ends meet. I must say the buildings are awesome. The inside is amazing. I could feel myself growing up here. I'm sure I'd love it. Just tons of things to do. Space is limited perhaps that's what drives the Brits to Canada. I've enjoyed it more this trip than any other. Simply put, the place is great, if you can afford it. Below I'm struggling to iron a shirt on this mini ironing board in my mini room.

This is the front of my hotel. Like I say it is small but very cute. Just no Internet, but there is an Internet cafe across the street that I noticed when I checked out in the morning.
If you can't read the circle it gives some information on the designer. He was born on 1806 and died in 1859. Now that is old, but cool too. Its kept so well and respected. Love the UK for that.


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