Monday, May 25, 2009


Taylor is one of the sweetest girls in my life. I absolutely love and respect this girl. I never knew I would; when I volunteered, I simply thought I could lend the Mom a hand. See Taylor is a girl who is outstanding member of our society. She is gifted in so many ways. She is humble, soft and very sharp. Taylor now is 14 years of age. She is a accomplished piano player at Grade 8 level. Her grade average I know in grade 10 was only 95.25%. So with this high intellect, you also have someone who is an incredible athlete. See Taylor is involved heavily in Elite Gymnastics. She has done things that would make your head spin. The trouble is Taylor had an accident, a bad accident and now is spending the rest of her life in a wheel chair. Taylor tried a dismount that has never been done before and didn't make it. I read this in both of Toronto's major papers about 8 months ago and wanted to help. The article was about how the Gymnastics Association left her, kind of bailed out on her after the accident. That touched me and now I volunteer as much as my life will let me. I like being part of her life.

Taylor's support network is full. She doesn't need me. I'm just a fan. She has a ton of support from a lot of friends and relatives. Her Mom during Gymnastics meets and practices supported not only her daughter, but since going through over 700 clips of video, I see her Mom supported every girl on the team with equal love. That is really special, have you ever heard parents at the Elite Hockey level. Certainly not like Taylor's Mom, Rowena. Many of them are selfish for their own kids, not Rowena.

Aren't We Naughty donated some gift baskets for the silent auction and I made the video for the presentation throughout the evening. It was fun. Oh and since Taylor has a Jamaican background, there was some awesome Jerk chicken served. It's Monday and I still remember that great taste and the smile on the servers mouth. Should get me one of them-there Franchises called Mr. Jerk!

Saturday night was a fund raiser for Taylor and Spinal Cord Research. It was something special. I spent two full days making a VIDEO and my brother in law spent a day and a half converting video from tape to digital for me. The video turned out to be spectacular and I will add it to here later as soon as I make it smaller to fit. In this video for example, Taylor did a flip on the balance beam (which by the way is I think only 4 inches wide) that only 5 people in the world have done. You will see that later when I update my blog.

The biggest thrill for me was she was happy about the video I made for her and she tried to throw me a kiss. Sweet. Touched my heart.

Today is Monday, I'm off to the golf course.


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