Friday, May 01, 2009

Vegas Simply Amazing

Las Vegas is over and my work (holiday) is over. The models were studding as usual and I must say, the lingerie is so good, I have too much difficulty in picking out what I want. I simply need help like maybe 3 ladies and me to check it all out. This would be a huge relief. It simply too much work for one person.
As usual I saw many good friends and even a wonderful former employee. She started her own business and is doing very well. There is nothing better than to see someone love the business so much, they branch out on their own. You know that you created an environment to which they loved and we continue to do this. Aren't We Naughty is not only a great place to shop, but to work as well. We let people do their jobs with a touch of guidance. I'm very proud of her.

Well my golf game isn't too bad so far. I'm having fun. So far so good. Unfortunately it will be cut short again this year with my travels. Such as, next week I will be on my way to London England for a few days.

The good news is our factory in China is in full production. with over 60 employees, from nothing 2.5 years ago, we are rocking. The PowerBullet product now is sold all over the world. Our factory employees are treated extremely well. They are happy and the produce. Our PowerBullet G is awesome. All of the products are made with no dangerous seams. Just have a look at how much work it takes to make something seamless as demonstrated in the Booty Beads video. Speaking of Booty Beads, I believe this is Aren't We Naughty's best Anal and clitoral product ever. We even made a video on how to clean it.

Anyway time to go, will update from London! Hopefully I'll get the Brits to check out our new Booty Beads product. Should be fun...can't wait to hear their humour. The Brits are the best.


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