Sunday, August 30, 2009


Aren't We Naughty had made it through the recession so far. No doubt we are still holding our own, but still sales are up, not by much but they are up, this is a good sign for all. Our industry is solid. Our manufacturing and wholesale division are growing too. We have great people and great products involved. We are successful so far and I'm enjoying the ride.

We were so worried the other day when Kim our manager in Windsor came to town and and she is allergic to bees, well one got to her. She was rushed to the hospital near by and made it. It was close. She was there shortly after the sting, but still staying in the hospital for 4 hours and they Rushed her in, so you know its serious.

Its been a while since I've been writing as I usually write in China and for some strange reason, China block this website. I have no idea why. They have also blocked Youtube and many other great websites like Facebook.

Anyway, this summer my boys went to China to learn Manderin. My youngest went to Beijing and the oldest went to Shanghai. It was something special. Both went for over two months. Mission, to learn a bit of Manderin and enjoy China and a ATM card!

They also spent time in our factory to work for two days, and live like the locals for a couple of days. They loved every moment. Then the beach day where all the workers, managment teams and the boys and played games, went fishing, had a barbecue at night. It was a special day. I took them to Hong Kong which was an hour away from the factory just for a day which is an amazing city that everyone should visit. A fabulous summer for them and me as well to be with them there, one that they will remember forever. Finally, after all these years of me going to China, they know what it is and its amazing power and draw of its people, culture and history. I love to be able to change peoples lives, family or no family. Its a great feeling.



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