Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

As you can tell I've been in Hiding....Happy 2010 everyone. Amazing that its been 10 years since the Y2K panic.

Now I'm back. Maybe I was in shock over my hero Tiger Woods. The best line - all the guys are saying is, "He didn't Kill anyone"... To be honest, now I just want him him to play golf, without getting a blow job in between holes... has been rocking the months of November and December with the We-Vibe product. Its about 2 years old now, but now selling better than ever. I think we are the number one seller and we are still out of stock. Can't get enough. Canadian designed,which I'm proud of. I've been in the business for over 25 years and nothing has come close to selling like this.

Last November and early December I want to Thailand (Golf) and China (work). Almost 6 weeks away due to the show in Macau. The weather in Shenzhen, was perfect so, I wasn't hurting too much. Just missed the family!

2010 will be a banner year for us here at Aren't We Naughty. Our sister company BMS will be adding more products produced by our factory including newer technology. Its all very exciting for me. We actually have our website up and running nicely now.

The last two years was work work work. Now I'm going back to some old Steve Bannister style and take some of the summer off and enjoy my life. Golf every two or three days. Lots of Barbecue and beer. I'm so excited. This is what I'm famous for.

Time to relax! Enjoy Life!


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