Saturday, February 27, 2010


For those who follow my antics around the world well, I've decided to take the summer off as you previously read. Yep time to rest and my major project will be completed meaning Swan will be done. Yes, I've along with some great people, have created a line of new products called Swan. I will be doing a soft preview of the line at a conference in Sydney, Australia around the 10th Of March. Swan has been in production, design and testing stage for over a year. Full release of the product line will be in July.

Anyway, I just came back from Dominican Republic. Two weeks of sun and relaxation and time spent with my good friend Barney. Barney is special. Honest, carefree, funny and best of all, speaks Spanish! Below is our house that the two of us rented for a week. Was a lot of fun. One day him and I spent 13 hours playing cards.
Tuesday will be the start of a brutal trip, that will consist of Shanghai, then take two days to rest and then fly to Hong Kong for two days, then to the factory where I get updated on our production status and how our molds are coming along. Then on the 9th I'm back to Shanghai where I take my flight to Bangkok, then transfer to Sydney. Then I have to drive for two hours once I get there. I always get a little anxious about that. Driving is such habit and driving on the left doesn't thrill me. Last time, I did very well.

"Aren't We Naughty" just launched the new website. It will get better and better with many new features. We've be programming it for about 9 months. My team is excellent and very proud and lucky to have them.

Aren't We Naughty also just attended a Gala in Woodbridge for Breast Cancer. We supported and bought a table and Aren't We Naughty was a Premium Sponsor. We were all very proud of such acceptance and to be able to lend our support. We support the following, Breast Cancer, Taylor Noel Lindsay who had a was bound for the 2012 Olympics when she had a bad dismount and now is in a wheelchair, The Eye Foundation, Teen Hockey, and Soccer as well.

Below are some special photos of my Dominican stay.


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