Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Closing Party - Australia Adultex

I'm sitting in the airport and I don't want to look at the time where I just flew from but I know its something like 4am. Ugly, but I'm boarding in half an hour which is great on my way to Shanghai. I arrive at 6:30am and that's hard. I'm going to try and take a nap, ya right...

Anyway Australia was a success once again. PowerBullet did it. We rocked them in Australia and the Aussies can't wait for Swan to arrive. Its a reward to be given the best in show award from the delegates who were there. I didn't have a big glamorous booth, I simply took a few hand samples down and I stunned them. Check out the video.

I just got off from travelling first class. Well they can't do enough for you. Example, we didn't end up on the gate but at the end of some tarmac, the the buses come and pick up all the passengers. We I didn't know we had our own private bus! Then when I arrive at the airport and pretty Thai lady greets me with my name printed on a piece of paper and I get popped in a golf cart and taken down to the other side of the airport. Was super fast and cool. I went upstairs then and cleared security again and there was another girl waiting for me to take me to the lounge. Amazing, all that for a guy who sells dildos.

Here is a statistic I just saw on TV. One in four people live without electricity. How lucky are we.

Well back to China so won't be able to update this blog, the Chinese government blocked it for some reason.


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