Saturday, March 27, 2010


Wow, Guangzhou China, ever heard of it? The provincial government's official estimate of the metropolitan area's population at the end of 2006 was 9,754,600. Now that is huge. You should see the place, I think they have more active cranes there than in all of Canada.

Anyway, I was on my way back to Hong Kong and standing in line with my two suitcases and a coffee and a cinnamon roll, next to go through China customs, when my China office gives me a call saying that an important client will be at the office soon. Wow, I depart the area and then the local guys realize I need a refund of the train ticket and try to scam me for my ticket but I get 130 for a 167 ticket, not bad. They will resell it for a small profit. I then take another train to Shenzhen and about two hours later, I'm in my China office, did the business, and then went with the customer to Hong Kong. The appointment was suppose to be Monday, but his translator didn't understand him, and it wasn't Monday it was that day. Lucky everything worked out. Just so crazy running around and this day, everyone was moving. Everything was packed I think because of some big Rugby game in HK. Oh, by the way ladies, if you want to see real men, watch Rugby, not American Football.

Well I bought a beautiful pair of shoes in HK and now I'm going to buy a nice LCD screen for photos. Then back to Shenzhen. Here is a video I took from my hotel room!

Can't want to be home!


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