Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anme Founders Show 2010

Well folks I'm back. The big toy show is over in LA. Some interesting toys were created including the latest release from California Exotic Novelties entitled Vanity from Jopen which is shown above. This is an amazing line of about 12 all Silicone products. They're rechargeable, most have dual motors, waterproof and are all Powered by PowerBullet. PowerBullet simply means Power. Aren't We Naughty will be carrying this fabulous line of products in October. These are the best products I've ever seen or touched. Why? First again, all covered in Silicone, are non-porous and hypoallergenic, and most with dual motors at each end, this gives the user the opportunity to use all of the product. That's 50% more play area than other products. Some of the power is shocking which like a high end sports car is nice to have, but I'm sure will never be used. I also find the size of the of the products perfect and not intimidating. These are also not cheap products. Some of the clitoral vibes are the most expensive I have ever seen in my life, but when I turned them on, I felt they were extremely solid and filled with quality and power while being whisper quiet. Vanity by Jopen stands alone by itself. Nothing is manufactured like this product.

One thing that is really cool was the clitoral bigger vibes of Vanity, they are recharged not by a cord, but by induction charge, just sitting in its holder. Really neat. What I thought was cool was how they shut off automatically once they are put back in the holder.

The other big talk of the show was the Fucked line from Topco. Most people including me found this rather shocking and a step backwards for our industry. It was toys with ugly sores on the dongs. Then you can get strange lube like Vomit Lube, blood lube, and shit lube. The good thing is it would be great for a gross Halloween display, but not for a section in a store. Most buyers felt the same thing.

PowerBullet is a registered Trademark of BMS our sister company. With PowerBullet, Power is Everything.



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