Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Well I'm sitting in Jamaica by the pool (no cocktail) writing this Blog. What a life. I leave today for home at 12:00am!!! Yes that's no typo. My schedule the next few months is crazy again.

Here it is:

- On January 6 I leave for Hong Kong and China for about a week.

- then off to Thailand for golf and fun with a colleague. We do the same trip every year.

- February 10, off to Dominican for the usual golf trip for two weeks.

- March I go to Amsterdam for the Product Launch of Swan.

- end of March I'm off to China and then Australia for the Launch of Swan as well. See the reaction at last year's preview.

May I'm back home for that start of golf season. Yeah!!!!!


I want to welcome Paul as our new GM of AWN. Paul is a variety of backgrounds in retail and simply loves retail. Paul is University educated with honours and will feel very comfortable at the helm of AWN.

Well it's getting longer between blogs. Reason being is no reason. I've simply been forgetting. I decide to work and then play. After all, I'm famous for a balanced life. Updating my blog is not a priority but i should make it so. I know people want to know what is going on. Even some of my staff follow me here. Also some things I'm doing are private business matters, so there is no news.

Anyway, we just received Vanity at Aren't We Naughty. Vanity is a new line of high end massagers by Jopen that are simply on the next level. Vanity is also powered by PowerBullet. This gives each item outstanding vibration, unheard of in our industry. All silicone, and most styles enabling end to end usage by using two independent motors, is by far the most outstanding feature of Vanity. Vanity is rechargeable too with batteries that last up to 14 hours of continuous use. Nothing can compare to Vanity from what I have seen. Vanity is in a league of it's own.

If you are looking for the best line of massagers in the world, the choices are LELO or Vanity. I'd choose Vanity in a heartbeat. Much more value for your money and it has PowerBullet power. Soon I think most sex toys will be built this way.

Vanity is sold only in the United States and Canada. SWAN is the brand name sold in Europe, Japan, Australia, UK and the rest of the world. Release in Australia is due in April and in Europe, March. For more information on Vanity, see

Now the next project is named LEAF. Stay tuned....

Update: Flight was 3 hours late again. Arrived home at 8AM - Brutal!


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