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I have to clarify to someone who is a refuses to identify themselves and just accused me of knocking off Lelo in a reply to my recent blog. I take this personally and our product line is totally different to Lelo and have many more benefits, that is not to say Lelo is a bad product. I really like the Lelo product line.

Whoever this is, please take a good look and put Vanity in your hand. Then you will know. Vanity is extremely powerful. Many of the products are end to end useable, (which is the a key point) with dual separately controlled motors. Obviously you haven’t really seen Vanity nor touched it. Nothing can compare to Vanity. If you want to accuse someone, accuse California Exotic Novelties for knocking of Lelo, as it’s their product line. I'm sure they will vigorously defend their position.

We are the next generation and honestly reinvented the vibrator. Take a look at what industry people said in a sneak preview in Australia last year. We were voted Best of Show by the industry professionals. Vanity is in a league of its own.

By the way, Vanity Vr9 was the first product made by BMS, and I personally showed Lelo management at a show in Asia and they loved it and replied, “How did you do that?” I rest my case. So Lelo actually inspired us and are a wonderful organization.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well Mr. BMS, or SMB...this "remake" that you are talking about, would not be the first "nock-off" you have made...if anyone actually pays attention to the "BMS" products...they will also know a few more you have done. The Hitachi Magic Wand, was "wonderfully" made into the "Wanachi Wand", niffty aint it? Oh and the countless remakes of the fantastic Pocket Rocket...Or did you have these ideas first and were taken from you?
Just a curious customer...
Have a great day!!

7:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And if after you read this and dont post it, it shows that you have lots to hide about your bms products.

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any updates Steve ? What's going on with the business, when are you expanding ?

4:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still waiting on any updates Steve ??

12:40 PM  

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