Saturday, January 22, 2011


Readers familiar with my post know BMS is a division of AWN and we make Toys, and some of the best toys in the world, and we put PowerBullet on the product to let you know it really has serious vibration and top quality.

Well I'm here in Thailand and as you walk along the streets, you find they are full of every kind of knockoff. Thousands of mini booths line the streets everywhere. Anything you can think of is being copied here. Nobody seems to care. Its a huge industry.

Two nights ago, I'm walking along and I see a little stand with some sex toys on it. Most are old except one....MINE. Yes,I was shocked to find I was knocked off. Kind of a honour I guess, and the worst part is I had to buy the product.

Next couple of days I meet my good friend Claude for some intense golf. We do this often and love the golf in Thailand. Thai people take their golf seriously and so do we. This should be a great warm up to beating the guys up in Dominican next month. They've had my number since I've been working a lot the past two years, but I'm back now. Full Steam ahead.

Well time to go shopping, see you soon and watch out for some amazing things to come. SWAN is coming in Europe in March, Australia in April. Leaf to Launch in LA in July. Those looking to buy SWAN can't buy it in Canada, but certainly can buy the same thing under the Vanity brand.

Also, we have a secret new technology coming that is new to our industry. I'm crazy about it. Stay tuned for more information.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't all companies produce knockoffs at some point? Or at least produce their own versions of a competitor's product, wether it be identical to the original or slightly modified. I mean that's what you did with the Vanity line right? You released a Lelo knock off, so it shouldn't be a big deal or all that flattering that something you produced was knocked off since it happens all the time.

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