Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Australia 2011 SWAN and Vanity by Jopen

Well ever since China cut off access to my blog, I haven't been the best in updating it. Better late than never. Yes, I took that shot of the birds...

This trip was my longest ever. True, I didn't work everyday I'll admit that. If I worked for someone else, everyday would have to be productive. Not for this guy! I always take a few days off and check out Shanghai. It's 23 million people (just released census results) seem evenly spread out. That is about 3 New York cities stuffed in there! To me, Shanghai is a marvel of architecture. I walk around with my head up and stare as there is always something to see. Walking there is my favourite thing to do. Here in Canada, I only walk on the Golf Course, and to the fridge. In recent years since the Olympics and Expo 2010, the air quality is brutal. I used to think that's it's just a foggy day, no its down right pollution. I can't believe it's so bad. Now I can't even stare out the window as there's nothing to look at! On the ground it's not as noticeable, but it is on floor 43!

This trip was about the release of SWAN in Australia and you can see my booth above. One year later after my prototype release last year when they voted me "Star of the Show". Now we showed up with a slick booth, and a full product line the same as Vanity, but only in pink.

I brought with me two well deserved employees who are dedicated to serving the cause! Kim, from Canada, and Jane from China were great help in the booth, and I'll let you figure out who is who! I'm glad I brought them both. Kim especially with her retail knowledge brought much needed insight when speaking to fellow retailers about SWAN and how to sell it! Jane brought answers from the factory side and she even learned how retailers appreciate SWAN, something I didn't think about until it happened. Also it was Jane's first trip outside China. Chinese people do not get to travel as visas are so difficult to get, so BMS had an huge impact on these two girls lives, all because of SWAN!

It doesn't end there either, LEAF Debuts in July, and soon, two other new technologies will find there way into products compliments of BMS Factory. Our products and image impressed so much, that our competitors want to be a part of our growth and approached us. They rejected our advances in the past, SWAN blew them away and they want to use our technology in their products. All is working to plan.

Speaking to 150 people wasn't as bad as I thought. I simply told the SWAN story and why is our product so superior which is Power and our Structure! I found 7 key points which will be on the website soon. When the audience saw the seven points, they were wowed. I told them the truth, I reinvented the vibrator as we know it. There is no more handle folks! Hello! That's 67% more play area and two motors. Kim even conducted training seminars on how to sell SWAN. She is so proud and I was so proud of my team! All three of us kept banging our heads to the fact we were in Australia. The first day we drove along the Great Ocean Road, which is one if not the greatest drives, and the last day I arranged our customers asked me if we wanted to see their stores and see some wild Kangaroos! That was the best!

After Australia, we were in China, I brought Kim to the Factory where she saw our workers, which by the way have gone from 60 a year ago, to 200+ now. She was so surprised what effort of grinding went into our plastic seamless products and how much work goes into producing each Vanity product. She left with her jaw opened. Each Vanity and SWAN product is handcrafted, one at a time as you can see above!

The factory is so backed up, we are two weeks late shipping to our only second customer for SWAN. Third in next month and it continues on.

If it ever stops raining I might play golf again. Now I'm home and everything is getting better in the sleep department. This time was bad, I was averaging 4 hours a night for a few nights. Then Saturday would come along and I didn't move. The new Lumpy. Now I'm better and good to go and energy is back.

I'm proud to announce a new General Manager at AWN. He is very knowledgeable,and has introduced nice things to the business. Kevin is welcomed by all at AWN.

So I'm back in China in August and and in November which also includes a trip to Melbourne Australia to help with Sexpo. That is exciting.

Somebody smack me hard. Is this real? Life just keeps getting better and the good thing is, I don't take it for granted. I'm loving every second of this success.

If there is one employee I have thank is the Doctor. She worked for 6 months as part of or agreement at first in my China office and was good, and she would have worked for me forever. She loved the job. I kept my word and sent her off in pursuit of her medical career in Medicine. Now I'm so proud to say she is Married and Pregnant and lives in USA. I could have been selfish and keep her as she was actually great in her administrative duties and really good in sales. Congrats Doc, we are so proud and miss you.

Now this is cool and took this while going for a walk in Shanghai. AWESOME


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are the swan vibrators the exact same style as the vibrators in the vanity line? i hope so because i would love one in this color! i love the pink!

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