Wednesday, July 06, 2011

The Big Show

Next week is the Big Adult Toy show in Los Angeles. Its the biggest show of the year for the North American market.

We will be debuting LEAF and LUX at the same time and they are different than anything around. LUX is for the man with products marketing in a box similar to a cigar box. Surely will be a hit.

LEAF is a different direction for us in marketing. We are using people in advertisements so more mainstream. Using a model to relate more to life is new for us. LEAF is a brand that has amazing feel and environmentally friendly, people looking natural elevates this experience and can relate better to the product.

I'm really proud that LEAF is a combination of efforts of all of us here in Canada. From marketing, to design, we are all one proud TEAM.

Recognition and special thanks goes to Geoff in Graphics, who designed our first advertisement as seen above and inspired us all to make this LEAF line.

We couldn't produce these lines without the help of some other dedicated employees as well. Starting with Alex and his renderings, Maggie for her dedication, Sean and Serge for their literary and web expertise. Jane for the photo shoot. Thank you all for making this project complete. Its the first project where I felt so many people played a part which makes me so proud. The last team I need to thank are the DM's (district managers) at Aren't We Naughty for the approval of the designs. They loved what we did and also inspired us. Roberta, Stephanie, Tracy and Kathy all took part in the design selection. They are the pros!

Below is our booth for next week. Its very clean and makes a statement. This is the best marketing we have ever done. It pays to travel and keep your eyes open in airports in those duty free shops as to what the big guys are doing, meaning the larger brands.

This is so much fun!

All LEAF and LUX products are powered by PowerBullet.



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