Tuesday, June 12, 2012

SWAN Vibrators Win Top Industry Awards

Well it's been a while that's for sure. My life has been a bit of a blur in the past few months. Let me recap what has been going on.

First of all, let's go back to October when BMS factory, a division of Aren't We Naughty, won best product line at the Hanover Germany Sex Show for its next generation product line titled "SWAN". This is the highest award anyone can achieve who produces adult toys. All of us at BMS where proud, yet at the same time, we knew we had simply the most awesome product line on the planet.  I have enough experience to know this and strongly believe in it.

SWAN (Vanity in Canada and USA) is a pure vibrator with pure power. That is how I see it. Swan for reference sake is the same product as Vanity by Jopen. It's not decorated to look glamorous with silver ring around it. It's designed for use and cleanliness. Those who know their toys see it as a glamorous product anyway. The way a vibrator should be built.

Next the Xbiz awards in LA in January 2012. This is host to the Novelty and Porn awards under one roof. What a night this was. Since SWAN is sold under the brand name Vanity in USA, Vanity won "Best Luxury Line". We have to share this award with our distributor. An awesome award for both of us! Then as a bigger surprise for us, we won Sex Toy Company of the Year. This is the highest award and I'm still thrilled we were picked.

Now I'm on my way back to Toronto from Australia and China. In Australia BMS just received Best Environmental award for LEAF.  That is 4 awards!
Speaking of LEAF, we have a great promotion.
If you buy any LEAF product, you'll receive a free towel. These are 70% cotton and 30% bamboo and originally an Alfred Sung brand. It a great promotion of considerable value and is on while supplies last. If you are a retailer reading this, I have good news. We have basically finalized our display for LEAF and it will go into production in early May. It is simply gorgeous if I say so myself. Check it out to the left here.

 think I've spent equal time in China as in Canada in the past 6 months. I am presently on the plane from Vancouver to Toronto. I just drifted off on the runway before the plane took off. Don't know how long I was out. Anyway, I'm amazed at Vancouver airport. Automatic Canada Customs machines, a dream come true! It scans the card you filled out. Then you take the card to a customs guy who asked me a simple question about reselling, and then I was done. Personally I think it is a great system. This is the most beautiful airport in the world. Bar none. We should be proud as Canadians. 

In Australia I had to do my presentation and I knocked them dead. I remember one retailer coming to me and saying she had goose bumps listening to me talk about SWAN and checks our site frequently. That was when I really knew, our SWAN brand is getting some legs. What really stunned the crowd was a video showing our newest SWAN products created in house. Almost had a standing ovation after it finished. I had a ton of confidence during this presentation and reinforced the SWAN brand over and over. It was a wonderful feeling to feel the crowd.

Brisbane is beautiful and as usual, I take my staff (Kim and Jane) on a one day adventure to sightsee. I just simply can't be all work. I want them to have fun! How can you take someone so far and not have a little enjoyment, especially being in Australia. The Gold Coast is stunning, with Surfers Paradise and some of the best beaches in the world. We drove most of the morning stopping and checking out beaches. Our first stop was at a pancake house for breakfast that didn't serve toast! I was devastated! Near the end of the day took my girls to a bird sanctuary where they were hugging Koala bears and feeding Kangaroos. I was touched when  Jane from China simply said, "I have seen so much today, that if I died tomorrow, it would be peaceful". Statements like this make it all worthwhile. The pink photo above is our three new Swan (Vanity products).

Aren't We Naughty as opened on 1100 The Queensway!!! I've always felt that I wanted this location. I overpaid, but this has a nice future. We have some issues with the city that is public news now, but we hope to resolve them. If they would simply understand who my customer really is, which 70% women and couples. I will be part of the clean-up of the Queensway. Presently this store isn't our look, so stay tuned. Please support your right to have a store there. Write Peter Milczyn tell him your rights as a citizen are violated. You know he only won on a recount. He is so misinformed about our store. One man shouldnt dictate what happens there. Nobody really cares accept him to be honest. I feel he is way out of touch. Next door to me on the Queensway I have people lining up there in the morning for their booze fix. Nobody is lining up for my store to open to get a sexual fix. Amazing how my LCBO neighbor exists so peacefully.
Back in early February, Pickering grand reopening was an amazing success. The store is one of the first to incorporate all LED lighting in a whopping 7000 square feet. The Deputy Mayor of Pickering showed up giving full support of our store concept and even cut the ribbon
 Shortly, Im back to China for a week of work and then to meet my buddies for some rest and relaxation. Had my first golf game this week and it was fun. Its the same four guys for about 10 years now. I love these guys.

Before I go I want to mention www.Luxformen.com , its in stock now at AWN. Enjoy guys, this one is for you.  Next stop, LA, July, we show LUX and Leaf again.

Now it is June 12 and I'm finally home and rested.  Its hard to manage a blog. I'm getting worse. Anyway, Lux is here! It is awesome. Luxformen.com Website is being worked on. The product is amazing.


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