Sunday, July 08, 2012

What a Great Month.

Aren't We Naughty just had a super month. We were up over 14% as a whole company, and in retail is is huge.

To all my readers, did  you know our sister company BMS Factory now is a world leading manufacturing company in Sex Toys and has won 5 outstanding awards, including Sex Toy Company of the Year. Our brands Swan, Leaf and sister brand Vanity, have won awards on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. These toys are simply the safest and have the most play area of anything around today. They are vibrators in the purest form. Also we just launched Lux a new product line for men.

Next week we are off to Los Angeles for our show of the year, ANME, which stands for Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo. We will be showing a few cool things. Leaf once again, Lux, and Emotion. There are some really good products at this show and great people. We have a great time. Its a place to talk to buyers and show them your stuff.

Two days ago we went to a very special golf course call Bigwin Island. Take a boat over and play golf in heaven. Love it. If you love golf, this is a must. We used my friends motor home for 8 guys.

The allure of Muskoka is wonderful. I was melting at the lake and how peaceful it made me feel. Golf sometimes makes me frustrated and this could never make me frustrated.

Sometimes its good to visit the the trees and get close to nature. I guess I'm due for a fishing trip.

Also the Ultimate Personal Shaver update is coming out in October all redesigned. We are so excited. It is now in testing stage and the reviews are wonderful. Stay tuned. I'm so proud of our design and it works really well.



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