Sunday, December 16, 2012

How to buy the right sex toy...

This is our busiest time of the year. I'd like to take this time to wish all my readers of my Blog a Merry Christmas, all 3 of them.  Stores are stocked really well, now it's crazy time.

Well we have a new DM and his name is Mark. What a nice person and very well-spoken. He gets it and most of all what a great retailer!

Recently he just completed a revamp of our Pickering store.  He completely re-merchandised the entire store. It looks fabulous. Mark is making sure every one of his stores is the same way as a good retailer should. Also, he is ensuring every one of our sales associates loves the AWN experience and what we represent. Simply put, AWN is a fun place to shop and an amazing place to work.

One of the things we try to instill in our sales associates is sell what the customer needs, not what you want to sell them. Sure we have promotions and try to push certain products that we feel are really great, but at the end of the day, that customer must feel and we must feel that we sold them the right product. Nothing is above that. We all must listen to the customer and when the customer doesnt know, we take over and we ask the right questions. Not too personal, but just the right questions as to not embarrass them.

Most likely youre reading this blog on line and you might see another article to help you, our customers, select the right toy. What to really look for. I thought one day, that customers come to AWN for this knowledge, we need to help them more on line. It is a tough decision for most. Ok for me this stuff is a no brainer as I live and breathe it every day. This is from a guy who has been selling vibrators for 30 years, has 10 stores, Canada's largest wholesale operation, and operating a factory in China. It is my life folks.  So let me share a touch of my vibrating wisdom. A lot of reviewers out there really just want to get a few free toys. Im telling you the real important stuff, so you can make the right decision.

1.    Aesthetically Pleasing: a toy has to look good to you, just like a mobile phone does when you hold it in your hand. After all, it will be one of your best friends! Its not the most important however, but you have to love it.
2.    Silicone: silicone is a beautiful, and a totally safe material. Always make sure the product is made with this material.
3.    Rechargeable: batteries are fine if you are on a limited budget. For years this was how all toys were made of but today, rechargeable I'd the way to go. These Lithium ion and polymer batteries found in todays toys are really good and provide long lasting power.
4.    Seams: this is something most people overlook. You shouldn't and here is why. Many manufacturers do what I call "decorating" their products. They will put a silver shiny band around their products to make them look good, but after you have this toy for a little while and if you don't clean this particular part well, guess what - yuck. Seams trap dirt and bacteria. Look for a smooth surface and one that is seamless. It's a pleasure to clean.
5.    Power: really try to feel the power before you buy it. A few manufacturers make products that look good but its hard to believe they forget power. If you're buying on-line, buy a product that is powered by PowerBullet, as it will knock your socks off...which by the way, shouldn't be on anyway.
6.    Vibration: the kind of vibration now is important. Years ago this wasn't an issue. Give them anything and it will sell. Now a particular deeper frequency works better than high. PowerBullet products for the most part have achieved this.

Now to be honest with you, I have achieved all of this in our line of products called Vanity and SWAN (Vanity outside North America), Leaf and Lux for Men. Yes, this little Canadian company simply makes the best and safest products on the Planet. Now the other company making excellent quality is the We-Vibe from Standard innovation. They too have achieved this kind of quality outlined above. This is a couple’s vibrator and between the two of us, Canadians are proud exporters to the world. We are proud!

I am sitting on a flight once again on my way home from Hong Kong. First Im flying to Tokyo first. This was an emergency trip as I'm making a large quantity of a specific toy for a specific customer. It was the order Ive dreamed about all my life and the biggest wholesale order ever since being manufacturing. My customer wants it tomorrow and this is a new supplier and they are really slow. So before I flew, I took a whip with me and made things happen in China. The good thing is the product is good.   

Our New Printer
Océ is a Canadian manufacture of flatbed printers and more. These kinds of printers are amazing and, I decided that I was tired of outsourcing my wide-format printing jobs. So one day a few months ago, my guys from the office and I went to a print show near the airport in Toronto. It was a sign show. Well I was a kid in a candy store. First I saw all the possibilities these kinds of machines can do. Agfa was our first choice. Upon investigating closer, I looked at China, they make tons of them there, but availability of parts/service was scary, however the prices were delicious. But we went to one more show and we made our decision with Océ. Aren't We Naughty printing just started...The point is the quality was stunning and its Canadian made.  It arrives December 18 and is a Xmas Present to ourselves.  A flatbed printer can print any almost anything. It is just so cool and is a marketers dream.

So soon our stores will have all updated posters, banners, you name it.  Also we now can brand better. BMS Factory our sister company who makes Swan, Leaf and Lux will have more support material available to them for when we ship our products worldwide. Best of all, all our local customers can get posters for free and really high quality for in store or window promotions. The sun doesnt bother these inks.

Well I'm close to Tokyo now and have a two hour layover which is nothing and arrive in Toronto, around 2:30. What a great time. Well I've started the decent into Tokyo, have to go.

Merry Christmas

Steve Bannister
Head Honcho,


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