Friday, December 28, 2012

Xmas is Over...

Well Xmas has passed and things are quiet at head office, but in the stores, we are busy. Yes, AWN continues to rock even past Xmas. Why not people have a lot of free time.

Considering last years winter was so easy, this one isn't too bad for Toronto. So far this year, one snowfall and by the end of the day, everything was under control. No big deal. Montreal however received up to 45cm of snow. Now that is crazy.

Anyway, just went to Yorkdale Shopping shortly before Xmas and wow, what a great shopping center. The best window display was Tiffany as shown on the left. What a beautiful simple display that was extremely hard to do. I'm a fan of this kind of thing.

I must say the Bay is amazing in there. Totally a new Bay with nice name brands and different ones. A pleasure to shop.
Congratulations Bonnie Brooks, great job. I'm a fan.

Its not just the Bay that is great, so many others, have beautiful stores in Yorkdale. The new section is  so well designed, with interesting stores. A nice welcome. This makes Yorkdale like Yorkville of the burbs.

January means another show in LA and we will be featuring the New Ultimate Personal Shaver. This won't be available until March/April, but the wait will be worth it.

Nobody takes a much care as we do in making such a product. We must perfect it and then we release it, for now we are taking preorders. Its not easy to make a good shaver, especially where this one shaves.

New Printer

Well we are happy to tell you that we have acquired a new printer. Its a flat bed printer and roll to roll, meaning posters are a dream, so will POP displays. 

So if anyone needs any printing done, BMS printing just started. This is printer is the best in the world and I'm proud to say it is made in Canada. Most of it is. This was a great selling feature. Below to the right is how it came to our offices. We looked at so many flat bead printers, but this one is far the best we have ever 
The Oce Technician opens our Xmas Gift!
seen. I mean the quality was so amazing and it can
print on anything.....almost and up to 2 inches high.


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Wonderful. Happy New Year to Aren't We Naughty.

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