Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We Won and our 30th Anniversary.

Recently we won our fight against the City of Toronto. What a waste of money from Councillor Peter Milczyn who put the city in this wasteful spending mode. What a farce. This was about land development not what I sell and the Bi-Law. Why would a land developer show up at the OMB hearing, when this is suppose to be about what I sell. Shame on the Councilor. We improve family life by creating a healthy way of looking at sex and romance. He didn't do his homework and didn't even know what kind of store I am. He should simply resign based on what he did to the city and me,  as I run a clean store for good fun loving people who work hard and are very professional.

The issue is if Peter was so interested in cleaning up the Queensway, why didn't he get rid of the Massage business that everyone seems to know are fronts for Prostitution. Milczyn, even said we have a problem when you have a Tanning salon and you have 4 black guys waiting for a booth. Yes, he actually said this to my lawyer and myself. Every thing seemed fixed, but lucky we have the Ontario Superior Court which is really fair, its just too bad we had to spend so much money to get there.

Anyway, its done, we have to move on and renovate the store.

Well we opened in Brampton in 1983 and I was a young puppy. Now the store is still open and its been 30 years. Since that one store we have done many things.

11 stores and one wicked website

Wholesale business for Canadian customers located in a 41,000 square foot distribution center, also in Brampton

Product development marketing departments within this distribution center

Manufacturing in Shenzhen, China. Providing work for over 150 people.

Creating international brands. Swan, Leaf, Lux for Men, PowerBullet.

Selling internationally to customers in the following countries: China, Japan, Singapore, Korea, Australia, European Union, Russia, The United Kingdom, and South Africa.

I would say this is something to be proud of.

Party on Saturday July 6 in Brampton. Come and see our original store that started it all! Amazing surprise sale so you can save some big $$$, plus few draws worth 100s of dollars. Even the Mayor is making an appearance.


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